Complete Lawn Fertilization, Weed, And Insect Control Programs

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Complete Lawn Fertilization, Weed, And Insect Control Programs

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Our “Complete Fertilization, Weed, and Insect Control Programs” provide your landscape with the nutrients and protection it needs to thrive. We use a locally customized plan to promote healthy growth and keep unwanted weeds and pests at bay. Our weed control program uses granular pre-emergent and liquid post-emergent herbicides, while our insect control program employs safe insecticides to limit any harm to beneficial insects. With multiple fertilizer applications, your lawn will have a continuous supply of nutrients. Contact us today to learn more.

Service Features

Feralization helps to Promote healthy turf growth

Prevent unwanted broadleaf, grassy weeds, and invasive plants

Protect your landscape and plants from damaging pests and insects

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*Notice* We Only Service These Locations: Syracuse, Northern Suburbs of Onondaga County, and Southern Oswego County.

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